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October 24, 2023

Boy George announces autobiography Karma

The non-fiction imprint of Bonnier Books UK has acquired the title, billed as the definitive autobiography from the Culture Club frontman.

The publisher says: “Told in his inimitable style, ‘Karma’ tells the story of the charismatic frontman – the drama, the music, his journey of addiction and recovery, surviving prison, meeting legends like David Bowie, Prince and Madonna, and the highs and lows of a life lived in the spotlight and in the headlines.

“This is the explosive and searingly honest account of Boy George’s life as a child growing up in 1960s London, coming out to his Irish Catholic family and exploring his sexuality through the hedonism of the ’70s – the glam rock and punk rock revolution that birthed Culture Club – and the heydays of the ’90s, to finally embracing the man and artist that he is today. With all the humour, honesty, sarcasm (and hats!) that you’d expect, ’Karma’ gives us a unique insight into Boy George’s incredible story and the true evolution of a music icon.”

Boy George adds: “I went to a lot of trouble to create Boy George and then I went through a whole battle for years about not wanting to be him. But now I enjoy and embrace it in a way that I wasn’t able to as a young person. I’m learning to be George Alan O’Dowd from Eltham who it turns out is quite an interesting person.

“Culture Club is always going to be one of those lovers I go back to. I’ve railed against it and that Boy George character I created. For years I convinced myself I was a creature of habit, unchangeable, immovable. But eventually you have to look in the mirror. Not looking for spots, looking for something deeper. Why the hell am I here? I would say life is the point of life.”

Editorial director Ciara Lloyd continues: “George’s unique story, told with all the dark humour and honesty that we’d expect from someone like George, celebrates life in all its complexities. It’s a true insight into the rather fabulous man behind the headlines.”

‘Karma’ will be published in hardback, audiobook – with Boy George narrating – and e-book.